Be prepared to free up time and increase Profits
With CORE Home Inspector inspection software, you no
longer need to spend hours writing and compiling reports for
your clients. Let the inspection software do that for you. The
only thing left for you to do now is decide what you will do with
the extra time. More inspections or more time to relax and enjoy time for yourself?


  • Web-based, mobile inspection software application that functions on any device.
  • Capture time stamps, attachments, photos, and general text comments.
  • Access historical record of all inspections for a property or user.
  • Pass/fail or scoring of inspection results for risk modeling and other purposes.
  • Application allows for an inspection to continue when there is limited or intermittent internet connectivity once inspection template has been loaded.
  • Create the correct comment for what your trying to say.
  • Show your customer a summary instantly with what matters most.
  • Create a report in seconds with images, comments and information about areas of concern, all with a tap of your finger.

The Home Inspection market is unique in that it requires inspectors to be skilled in many different areas. Home inspection operations vary from roofing inspections to plumbing updates and are done on a variety of scales. CORE Home Inspector, an inspection software system from EvBase Technologies Inc. works for outlying buildings, building permits, hazardous waste cleanup, whole home inspections, chimney inspections, electrical inspections, foundation checks, and even surveying. We want to make your Home Inspection checklist simple. With CORE Home Inspector all of your reports and requirements are made easy.

Use any computer, tablet or mobile device with a web browser to schedule, grade and upload your inspections – once you’ve completed an inspection, instantly generate reports with marked-up photos. Your uploaded inspection results are completed automatically and are ready to give to clients.

CORE Home Inspector inspection software is loaded with features and includes as an optional extra Photo and Video Capture to help bring increased visibility. It allows you to show customers exactly what you’ve found and provide additional picture markup to show people what their actually looking at. The Data Expansion package give you the ability to add an additional 50GB** of data to allow your business to grow. You can create excellent reports with plenty of rich content including pictures. Don’t be held back by data caps. Before CORE Home Inspector this was impossible, with the CORE Home Inspector inspection software, its now possible.

View an Example of a Summary:

CORE Home Inspector Summary

View an Example of a Final Report:

CORE Home Inspector Final Report

**Additional Data Rates may apply for usage above allotted amounts.