CORE Home Inspector, an EvBase Technologies Inc. home inspection software system has been designed with the guidance and contributions from some of the top home inspection firms and property inspectors in the industry today. We have gone above and beyond their expectations to create a unique inspection software system that gives inspectors the flexibility they need to perform quality inspections on a day to day basis, quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide the best possible inspection software available and are able to work within regulatory boundaries to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed, the standards of practice for home inspectors everywhere.

The team at EvBase Technologies Inc. developed CORE Home Inspector, a home inspection software system, in response to the demand for a reliable home inspection software program that could be used on a variety of devices and operating systems. As in everything we do, our approach to development meant using industry experts to create a product that could be used in a number of different manners. The effect on the process was not only to meet industry standards but ensure that all aspects of our professional home inspections are clear, concise and easy to use. We understand the technical and communication issues facing home inspectors and we strive to ensure that the inspectors are satisfied with both the process and the end result. CORE Home Inspector Software simplifies and speeds up the report writing process, creating reports that clients appreciate in a matter of seconds.